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“Divers have the unique opportunity to explore the pinnacles of San Miguel Island,” World Diving wrote of the trip.“The beginning of September is the best time to be at San Mig, which see strong winds and swell during much of the year.”Efforts to reach Truth Aquatics and Worldwide Diving were unsuccessful.

The FBI was on the scene and the National Transportation Safety Board said it was sending a crew to the site.Firearms are one of the most universally recognized symbols of power, conflict and status in Western society.During periods of culture contact between so-called Western and Indigenous cultures, they represent not simple one-directional power relationships, but complex interactions, shifting value systems, and unexpected engagements with introduced technologies.PST, while it was anchored overnight only about 20 yards off Platts Harbor, officials said. The names of the passengers were not immediately released, and their relatives were anxiously awaiting news.Firefighters were still trying to douse the flames when the vessel sank in 60-foot waters.—but as the hours passed, the worst was feared for the others who apparently were trapped.“I can't breathe,” one passenger from the ship reportedly said in a mayday call, ABC News reported. Shayna Kreps, who lives in the Bay Area, told The Daily Beast one of her family members was on the trip.

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