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All the residents of the cul de sac keep in touch on Dadbook, a dads-only social network where fathers share interests, advice and chat about dad things (cheapest places to fill up the tank, Top 5 Sean Connery films – stuff like that).

After Amanda gives you a hand filling out your profile, you’re free to message the dads you want to hang out with.

take, there’s plenty of replayability in Dream Daddy, too.

Our first run involved browsing the latest releases at the local record store (Vinyl Fantasy VII, pun fans) with cool dad Mat, but the writing is good enough to warrant at least a second run through.

From the outside, everything about Dream Daddy: Dadrector’s Cut suggests a horny dating sim.

While that might like a negative, the writing makes it an utter joy and we happily read through reams of text.

They all have hidden depths, though, and there’s lots to uncover about them beyond dad puns and stereotypes.

Cool, music-loving dad Mat confesses to being deeply insecure and unsure of himself in company.

Throughout the game, you go on three ‘dates’, although these encounters usually involve other people and take place at various venues at all times of the day.

They’re not all ‘romantic’, per se, and often involve simply hanging out and chatting.

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