Outlook is not updating automatically

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--Don't want to do that, but this freezing screen is annoying. Sometimes I can type for a few sentences before it decides to raise its frustrating head.

W ** (11 s) ---This should give you an idea of the frequency and duration.

)When you use a POP3 or IMAP account and the above fix doesn’t work, you can reset your rules and test your mailbox for corruptions with the steps below.

If you are within an Exchange environment, you can see if it works when you disable Cached Exchange Mode and then recreate the rule in the same way as described above.

When it unfreezes, the keyboard buffer prints to the screen and the typed material appears; however, the cursor often does not.

This happens after approximately 10 words, and it repeats. Other than Office 2007, there is no new software or other changes to my system. Is there something running in the background that can be terminated? If I cannot fix this, I will be forced to go back to 2003. I will mark it, then measure the duration of the delay ** (5 s). Let’s see how long it takes for the second one to occur.

It is also typical for the delays to lengthen; although, there may be some shorter ones occurring after some of the lon ** (11 s) longer delays. The ** are the locations at which the screen froze.

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outlook is not updating automatically-31

It could also indicate a corruption in the send/receive settings file (srs-file) of Outlook.* cor-el - Your suggestion led me to the problem and fix. Once I discovered this, I found this at their website and now all is well. Some of my contacts are in both the GAL and my local Contacts folder. This is a feature of the Social Connector, with the automatic updates of contacts enabled by default.Resetting the send/receive settings can be achieved by renaming the srs-file of your profile to You can find the srs-file for your mail profile in; To easily locate the folders for you, you can also use Outlook Tools (free!

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