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Sunny Rest owners are also active members of the Lehigh Valley Chamber & Visitors Bureau.

Halsie says she grew up accepting all kinds of people, without any prejudice, with no concern about how they look. It teaches kids that nudity and sex are two different things. Walk into a grocery store and that’s the kind of mix you find here.

Both games are heavily made up of men with an occasional woman player. They buy two spots on local Allentown rock radio stations every month and the stations come out to the resort to stage live recordings every year.

Although the majority of resort attendees are older- in the 50-70’s range, there are a considerable amount of younger folks (under 35, whom I find much easier on the eyes.) This is because of the marketing wizardry of Irv’s granddaughter, Halsie, who majored in marketing in Susquehanna University. Besides employing over fifty workers, their up to 1500 weekend visitors sink a boat load of cash into the local economy buying supplies etc.

This act gives ourselves away, to everyone who is coming and going- (newbies! ” “First hours here.” “Enjoy yourselves,” he instructs. If they could go into their yards at home unclothed, they would, but they can’t. There are lawyers, judges, doctors, lots of nurses (could the fact that they see so many naked bodies in their occupation make public nudity easier for them?

) especially the guy at the gate, who immediately identifies us as the two writer guests- they have us pegged from the get-go. “Let’s make lunch, take off our clothing and pull two chairs up on the deck and eat naked.” “OK, we can do that.” Jill replies. ) Many went to the nude beach in New Jersey first, then sought out Sunny Rest after realizing how much they enjoyed being a nudist. She tells the young new ones, “If it happens, just sit down until you get yourself together.” Population here is about 50/50 men to women.

What do they do under these circumstances, crank up the heat to allow patrons to go unclothed?

This seems really stupid energy wise in the summer, but patrons do pay good money to go there and romp unclothed outdoors and in.

Cebrosky is charged with unlawful contact with a minor, sexual assault by a volunteer or employee of a non-profit association, corruption of minors and related offenses.

“There‘s more naked dudes over there,” Jill reports and we look, with open mouths, surprised. In her former life as a TV writer, she personally knew a transvestite and getting your genitalia removed was the last thing that you did, after years of hormone replacements therapy. “And, have never been nude in public before either! Families are welcomed and there are a few kids running around.

A naked landscaper with a baseball hat and sneakers, swings his weed whacker in long arches. In the office, we get our motel room key, the resort’s activity sheet, and decide on a schedule for interviews, tours etc. Our hiking buddy was clearly a guy in every aspect, with profuse body hair but his parts are just missing. (Later, when I interview owner, Myra and ask about him, she says she has no idea what the deal is. Myra tells me that Sunny Rest is all about community.

We get out of the car and a naked older couple with sagging skin and rolls of fat walk by heading to the pool area. A hike through the forest leaves in fifteen minutes. Only two other guests attend the hike, one is a clothed and is very nice- a hippie-dippie landscaper and another is a nude man who merely wears hiking shoes and socks. There is a freedom, a liberation present here and also in the resort goers personalities.

It is cool out still and the owner says SHE is wearing clothing, for she is easily chilled. We try not to look at him, our first “up-close-and-personal-in- our- face” nudist, but we can’t help ourselves for there is something very peculiar about him. “You don’t see cellulite and saggy skin in the movies but you do here. “ She tells me that Sunny Rest nudists get together in the winter in their own homes, go to one another’s graduations, anniversary parties. They certainly have friends back at home in their other lives, but they are not the same as their nudist friends.

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