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This top is silver threads and shines..blinding won't catch it..can see a bit on the back shoe..shining silver. It's crepe, that stetches,assymetrical hem has a up flip in the front. Pero que demonios, me encanta vestir pantys en público y por que no, que la gente me vea, como en esta foto. Some of my male ‘colleagues’ are almost as bad as the underperforming young men who are mentored in my programme!! SILVER GOLD AND METAL IS HARD, SCRATCHY, Beads...glitter...a big no no soft material. It's street length, although I'm bending over, this throws my face out of whack. A married mistress is angel in white, and prostitute in black to fulfull all fantasy of her man. He thanked me for my instructions.i'm reposting this..i can show new viewers.I can also recall I once had a job where everyone had to get changed into working clothing and I would get wolf whistles when other workers saw my legs and jokey lines shouted across to me such as 'you should of been a girl with those legs'..only they knew the half of it!As a man I am rather dull and not at all adventurous yet I find something goes on when I dress up as Helene that makes me feel more daring, more willing to push myself.

He cries, and screams, and runs away, "Help me, good people, help! While we were at the movie theatre, and for the duration of the movie, his hand stroked my silky legs.

From this alluring lady I can’t refrain She’s got a toxic mix to drive a man insane We got home late on Saturday night And to avoid a confrontation we crept in without lights But this potion, oh what a notion, man we were as high as a kite Now for some reason I can’t recall, I got this bright idea and I decided to crawl, Into her parents room to say hi, while wearing nothing at all.

Oh what seemed a great idea then, Quickly turned to mayhem when, her mother woke her father with a scream so full of horror That he jumped from his bed And with a fist to my head He guaranteed I never see her again ~Eric Mc Grath Makeup & photos by Andy at Translife..

I have been aware since I was a teenager that I had good looking legs.

I remember girls at school used to tell me they were wasted on a boy.

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