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“Ever since they broke up, she’s been manic and he’s—“ One gesture toward the bathroom had been enough of an explanation; they’d both cringed as Ben continued to sing along, off-tune, to the same heartbroken mix he’d been listening to for weeks now. “Something better than what he’s been listening to. But now Ben needs a fake girlfriend to introduce to his family and Leslie needs more money for her department. Leslie is invited to spend the summer with his family.

Like maybe I could change the words to ‘April, I’ve Left You Fifty Messages (Call Me Back).’” “Yeah. Can she survive a few weeks with the Crazy Rich Wyatts? Please walk away if you are immature.) In this universe Ben didn't take any extension after the 8 weeks of his original assignment ended in 2009, despite him and Leslie having a brief makeout session post Harvest Fest that they decide not to talk about. He visits Pawnee again in 2014, where he texts Leslie to have coffee while he's in town.

Mainly: Ben and Leslie Side Relationships: Ann and Chris / April and Andy April Ludgate has always wanted to be a the perfect daughter that her family wants. How long can April be the perfect "straight" daughter her family wants?

(crack turned actual fanfic) The sequel to Parks and Prejudice College AU of Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope Ben's brother is getting married.

His plans for the summer was to relax in the comfort of his friends, but plans change when Heidi organizes a four-week stay at his Aunt Ann's house in Pawnee, Indiana.

We sincerely hope that fans of the show are cool with us gently lying to them, in an effort to maintain the surprise nuptials as much as we could.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go shoot the season finale surprise Jerry-Donna wedding scene.” So… That’s unfortunate that the promo people confused the two surprise wedding storylines.

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