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Because the stock was not an "unrealized receivable" or an "inventory item," the gain would apparently be capital gain. Also, the distribution is exempt if the partnership is an "investment partnership" and the distributee partner is an "eligible partner" (Sec. For this purpose, an "investment partnership" is a partnership that has never been engaged in a trade or business (other than investing, dealing or trading in investment assets) and the assets of which have always consisted of some combination of permitted investment assets (such as stock, financial instruments and the like).An "eligible partner" is a partner who did not contribute any assets to such a partnership other than those described in the definition of investment partnership (so long as such partner was not a transferor or transferee in a nonrecognition transaction involving the transfer of any portion of a partnership interest for which the transferor was not an eligible partner).As a consequence, in general, the distributee will recognize gain to the extent the securities' FMV exceeds the distributee's basis in his partnership interest.Under this general rule, Chuck would recognize ,000 of gain on this liquidating distribution, the amount by which the "money" distributed--,000 (the FMV of the marketable securities)--exceeds his basis in his Royal Monarch interest. Under certain circumstances, the rule may not apply if the distributed security had been contributed to the partnership by the distributee partner or if the security was not a "marketable security" when acquired by the partnership.The partnership has been winding down its activities and Chuck has decided to terminate his involvement. Chuck's partnership interest is worth ,000, and he has a ,000 basis in that interest.* Among Royal Monarch's assets are 300 shares of IBN-TELco, a publicly traded stock purchased three years ago. Royal Monarch's basis in the stock is ,000 ( per share).

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At the time of the transfer, land J was worth 0,000 and had an adjusted basis ,000. made a special distribution of 0,000 in cash to Janet.This would happen when a partnership transfers property to a partner, then the partner makes one or more transfers of money or other consideration to the partnership such that, when viewed together, there has been a sale or exchange..Some or all of the value of the security over the partner's outside basis prior to the distribution is a taxable gain.Because of this "marketable securities equals money" rule, if Chuck wants to avoid gain recognition on the distribution, his tax adviser should suggest the parties consider distributing another mix of assets. This mix should include other investment assets that will be treated as property.

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