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Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley may have sold a believable relationship between characters Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, but a very different scenario was happening off-camera.Elena and Stefan were love interests in the supernatural teen drama until she decided to choose Stefan’s brother Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) to live her happily ever after, before the actress left the show in 2015.Despite the rain scene, “Vampire Diaries” fans are often split as to whether Elena will end up with smoldering Damon or with his stoic brother Stefan (Paul Wesley).She’s dated both and neither relationship has been drama free, so Dobrev has another solution.“I’m taking a little vacation in the sun, but I’m going to return to my New Orleans family.” Later, a fan asked if her “vacation” would mean a return to “Vampire Diaries'” Mystic Falls. Zach Roerig’s Matt Donovan) that Rebekah would be interested in seeing again.Sorry, “Vampire Diaries” fans, despite online campaigns, it doesn’t look like Ian Somerhalder’s Damon and Nina Dobrev’s Elena will be kissing in the rain anytime soon.“We sort of had these fantasies about that and it seemed to materialize much quicker than I would imagine,” said Gillies.The actors know that their characters may come to fatal ends, but they (usually) get fair warning.

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being a teenager is confusing enough back the fuck off donald trump.Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies, who play original vampire brothers (well, Morgan’s character is a vampire-werewolf hybrid) were pushing for an “Originals” spinoff.They would send Plec pictures of what they thought the show would be like.It was as if I had Bell’s palsy.” After that scene, Dobrev said she’d emailed Plec and demanded that, if they were to film something like that again, Plec would have to be right there with her and wear the same type of costume.Since fans will probably not get a new memory to cherish, here’s the video of the first scene: Elena has not picked her man, yet.

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