Peace corps dating locals

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It can just get old when you’re the one in the mind-set of, “OK, I live here.

And my 21 year old self will declare here and now this fact: if you spend a whole 27 months in the Peace Corps during your life, and don’t at some point think “What the fuck am I doing here? Alright, maybe not wrong, but I at least think you’re a little abnormal in the head. It’s not like a study abroad trip where you have a group of 15 other American’s with you all day long to lean on. I’ve got it better than most with three site-mates who have been here for a year and a half already. “You need to have both a push to leave here, and you need to have a pull back home to make you go.” So, most days, I really do love everything about being here. But I’m willing to bet every volunteer at some point gets that push to go home.Peace Corps is nothing more than a warm up for the adventures the rest of my life is going to bring, and is going to teach me more than I could have ever realized I needed to learn. Sometimes, that comes with consequences, but sometimes, there are perks I don’t even realize until they happen.And when it all comes down to it, my friends and my family are going to be standing right there waiting for me when I get back.Woman C: A lot of really awesome Nicaraguan men are already in relationships — and -term relationships, so in a way it feels like all the good ones are taken. There is also the option to date other expats, which is sort of hard: a lot of expats are really transient, and since I live here long-term (I don’t have some end date in mind), it’s hard for me to feel like I can invest in anyone who isn’t staying here for at least a year.A lot of transient expats have a totally different mind-set too — they’re more inclined to take the role of a guest or treat everything as a new experience.

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