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It’s action and then going through the scene and then we just bring the camera and the actors back to their original place.” The result is likely to haunt viewers’ minds as much as it tickles them.

But has he watched the sequence yet with an audience?

Quite the opposite: it lays out every step of our impending descent into pastoral hell in vivid, colorfully stitched pictures on quilts, long before the outsiders we follow into a quaint Swedish commune understand what they mean.

It turned out to be the film’s longest day of shooting—about 17 hours—and the final day, to boot.

Perhaps to soothe his nerves more than anyone’s, he walked both actors and crew through the sequence “a hundred times over.”Filming the actual sequence went “smoothly,” he says, though he strayed from his norm to pull it off.

Christian’s mouth hangs agape, his eyes dilated in wonder as he stares around him and pumps away.

A wrinkled old woman’s hands plant firmly on his buttocks at one point, literally pushing him on while she moans.

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