Plex library not updating

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I guess, wait and see is sometimes the best remedy.Well, this morning trying the Rock On stop/start to update the Plex version still didn’t work. I finally figured out on github that adjusted its images 4 days ago (after this issue was reported) to fix the [email protected] thanks for the detailed explanation, that helps.I, too, think that it would have been too great of a coincidence that they republished right before/after my testing.In more details, the code in question is below: process, which means that we pull a new image before running the container(s) of a given rock-on.It still follows docker’s logic, however, so if no newer image is found on docker hub when compared to what exists locally, nothing will be pulled and docker will simply use the local image.

Briefly, we simply pull images at the rock-on install, not restart.It continued to use the old image - checking using console, the “old” image still lingered (I thought the Rock-On uninstallation would remove it automatically from the system).My remedy (right/wrong/indifferent) was to run manual docker pull of the image, shut down the Plex Rock On, select uninstall and also manually remove that container image (which I had noted down earlier).I just found out the “hard” way, that the new Plex version that’s shown inside the Media Server page is apparently not available on the download page.This has the consequence that during a restart of the Rock-on the docker version of Plex attempts to upgrade, but cannot find it, aborts the upgrade, and then seemingly makes the rock-on non-functional.

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