Point blank problems during frost updating 2016 azdg dating in polska

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When buddy got there he tried boosting the car but the car would not start.Had to call a tow truck again (he even tried to boost it with no luck).These dealerships are worse than the raggedy Dodge Journey.Fast forward to speaking to Chrysler customer care, suggested that I have the car towed from Lake Norman BACK o Rick Hendrick Dodge and the ONLY way I can get my head gasket fixed is to let them do a tear down and if they pin point the issue that caused the head gasket to blow they will fix it IF it's an issue that's under warranty.I was driving last night and my car start stalling. Now I call a dealership and they responded only 36k factory warranty.

I did manage to get off the hi-way and call a tow truck.I'm confused how does a car that has been sitting for two days no indication of an issue before Friday and ends up having a blown head gasket and possibly needing a new engine.Oh and on top of that I found out there was a recall (never notified) FOURTH recall. This car (2014 Dodge Journey) has only 58k KM and has left me stranded twice already.I purchased my 2015 Dodge Journey SXT in 2015 with 16,000 miles on it. I had to have the radiator fan replaced, 3 motor mounts, computer replaced, front struts replaced, battery replaced and more. I will to be disputing the voluntary repossession as they stated will stay on my credit report for 7 to 10 years!Thankfully I had an extended warranty because the car took about a month to repair. If this is the way this company does business, then I advise the buyer beware!

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