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We've all bitched that a lot of thrift stores, especially the bigger ones, have been raising the prices lately , and I notice that it is the mall brands that are marked-up the highest.

If you find something from a fast fashion label and it is more expensive then you would find it at the end-of-season clearance, then perhaps that sweet deal isn't so good after all.

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This program keeps a controlled presence of soft weeds and removes noxious weeds.

and with an inflated sense of self importance, I didn't want this post to be lost in the holiday mayhem of the last weeks. Thrifting gives you the opportunity to try some finer things in life that you might not ordinarily be able to afford.

Paraquat effectively controls volunteer oil palmseedlings which grow as weeds from seeds in fallen fruit. Initially, plantation floors are cleared of vegetation, but are usually sown with legume cover crops.

Integrated pest management A sustainable approach to crop production relies on protecting the crop by an integrated system of pest management (IPM).

There are many examples of how managing species other than the crop, rather than attempting to eliminate them, has benefits in oil palm.

‘Soft’ weeds which are easily controlled, and can have some benefits such as helping to minimise soil erosion, are replaced by re-invasion of cleared land by more aggressive ‘noxious’ weeds which reduce crop yields.

Apart from having a virtually unique mode of action (shared only by its sister, the desiccant diquat), paraquat only removes the top growth of well established weeds, allowing them to re-grow after 1-2 months.

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