Problems updating ps3 games

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You do not understand what we are talking about, and you cannot help.Problem: Anyone currently playing on the PS3 v1.42 update knows that the game is absolutely broken beyond belief.Sometimes new firewalls or new firewall settings prevents the PS3 from connecting to a home network.If this is the case, research firewall settings that permit PS3 gameplay, but also keep networks secure.The Play Station 3 (PS3) is a popular video game and multimedia console that Sony Corporation produced.The PS3 competes directly with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.Step 2 – Press and hold the power button on the front of the console until there are three audible beeps and the console's indicator light turns red. Step 3 – Press the power button again until two double beeps are played, then release it.

Once the game freezes during these spots, the world becomes corrupted.

Step 7 – Re-attach all components and close the hard drive lid and the PS3 hard drive will be fixed.

I say this with all due respect to everyone trying to help, please, if you are not actually playing the game on a PS3 on update 1.42 with a seed that was created in this latest version, do not respond.

Step 5 – Choose “Option 5” to restore the PS3 and select “Yes” to perform the restoral step. When prompted, press the “PS” button and enter the initial configuration settings for the PS3.

Step 1 – Turn the modem that the PS3 is being connected to off (or reset it).

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