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Public education must be reinforced with resources and up-to-date facilities.

We need to reverse the trend of declining public support for secondary and higher education.

After declining in the post-Second World War years, inequality since the 1980s has grown to grotesque proportions that have resulted in a tiny plutocracy with a combined wealth equal of more than 90 per cent of Americans. Putnam vividly demonstrates how growing inequality and declining public resources have eroded the well-being of children and families in a mid-sized American city.Real campaign finance reform will be critical in levelling the playing field.Sanders and other politicians have demonstrated that it’s possible to raise substantial funds by accepting only small donations.In specific policy terms, a number of initiatives would flow from this commitment.In addition to minimum wage, tax reforms and the restoration of collective bargaining, an educated population equipped with the skills required for the modern world is obviously of critical importance.

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