Proper phone etiquette dating

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If you find yourself being the “nice guy” – knock it off.

No woman wants to date a lap dog who agrees with everything she says.

Never address an unfamiliar caller by his or her first name. It is always a good habit to repeat the information back to the client when you are taking a message. If a caller is irate or upset, listen to what they have to say and then refer them to the appropriate resource. Never leave the person on hold for more than a few seconds or they may become upset and hang up.

The ability to listen is a problem in general but it is very important to listen to what the caller has to say. Remember that the caller could have already waited several minutes before getting connected to you and may not take lightly to being put on hold. This course is offered in the Office Skills Collaborative Online Classroom. You will have up to six months to complete the program.

If you are responsible for answering multiple calls at once, always ask the caller politely if you may put them on hold. If someone tries to interrupt you while you are on a call, politely remind them that you are on a customer call and that you will be with them as soon as you are finished. This course includes 6 weekly lessons and focuses on the most important skills for the General Receptionist including telephone etiquette skills, duties, listening, and communication skills.

Fixing this problem starts by fixing your mindset and how you view dates.

Instead of having a goal of “getting the girl to like you” when you go out on a date, make your goal simply to enjoy yourself. You are simply enjoying your life and giving an opportunity to join you in something fun.

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