Propertygrid not updating

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So, I added a "reset" button to my form, which set the colour properties of my object back to the defaults.However, it seems that while it sets my object's properties back, the property grid doesn't change.Hello, I'm binding to multiple items using Property Set Mode="Intersection" and Current Property Set.Changes to the properties from the Property Grid combobox work as expected, but changes to the objects from anywhere else in the application do not cause the Property Grid to update until the item selection is refreshed. Is there something else I'm missing to get the changes to be shown in the Property Grid?String Converter class: using System; using System. How can I get the Property Grid to automatically refresh when the Collection Editor has been closed? It will automatically refresh the property grid when the collection form is closed.Maybe you can help me with this: I am using a simple List Box, populating some instances of a test class "Person".

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I've tried subscribing to the Property Changed event of my object directly, and calling the Refresh() method of the Property Grid when it is envoked. Meaning changing one property may evoke multiple Property Changed events.This is why I am attaching the sample project that I used.May I ask you to share what you are doing differently on your side?If, after the reset, I do a property grid "Refresh", it has the reset colour.I'm assuming that the property grid doesn't know that the underlying object has been changed ?

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