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* * * * A forty-five minute session didn't permit much opportunity the first time to shake off the awkwardness and the nerves of what touted itself as a dating service and to get much beyond petting, groping, and getting each other off with hands and mouths. You won't really want—" "No, I don't want to fuck him. Just don't let him spin you out with foreplay; that's his way of squeezing out a second session. He'll be good for you." "You're plenty good enough for me. I'll check where you'll be and I'll deliver the information you want before your session with Julio." Rick was right about Julio.And it was a bit taxing to do this with a new "date" four times within four hours. One of his relatives has lost contact." That was true, of course, but no reason Rick had to know that the relative looking for Creighton was his wife. As I said, I'm just trying to locate him for a relative." "A rich one, apparently, if you're willing to pay a Franklin for the information." "The guys rich, yes. Deliver me an address on Craig and I'll be back with you next week." And I would too—written up on Sophia Creighton's services bill. He tried to spin the introductions and "getting comfortable and aroused" up-front parts out, but I swiftly let him know that I wasn't fooled one bit about the dating service fig leaf, that I'd bought his ass for three-quarters of an hour, and that I intended to make full use of the time—and of his ass.He was nervous the whole time he was with me—like he couldn't wait to get on to the next session. To some, cheating on a spouse would be part of the arousal. It was increasingly looking like whoever he ran off with was as a result of hookups with this dating service, using Quad Dating as a stepping stone much as Cindy was. That he was into men rather than women would just be so much more frost on the ice cube she was forming around her husband.

It didn't matter to me whether I signed up for pros or amateurs as long as they were arousing and helped lead to where I wanted to go. I had visions of more than just a hookup." "More than a hookup?Sophie said she wanted me to track this Cindy down and find out if Don was with her.She flattered me by saying she'd picked me, on recommendation, because she didn't think I'd have any trouble making an appointment with this Cindy.It wasn't long after I put in my profile that the interested private messages started pinging, and within several hours I not only had appointments for the next day with Cindy but also with three other prime candidates of my choice.What was surprising to me was that good research on the Quad Dating Web site revealed that several of the profiles were for listed staff members of the site.

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