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Marriage actually binds two souls together to create one complete soul.

As the Torah says, a married couple "becomes one flesh" (Genesis ).

When getting divorced, a Get is not only the right thing to do, it is the wise thing to do.

Regardless of one's personal convictions or beliefs, it solves a lot of problems down the line – ensuring free social interaction within the Jewish community.

I'd reconsider my commitment to my hand only if it had gangrene and was killing me.

The commitment of marriage is until it's killing you.

A very powerful novel, Yesterday's Child, deals with this issue.

As such, attaining a proper Get is an important component of preserving Jewish unity.

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All of this must be done properly, or else the couple is still considered as if fully married.Let's take one step back and ask: What is the Jewish understanding of marriage?The act of marriage is more than just a man and woman sharing a house, or having a joint bank account, or raising children together.The rabbi issues a certificate of proof to both parties, attesting to the fact that a Get was properly drawn up, delivered and accepted, and that each party is free to remarry.A Get can be arranged at any subsequent time, even years later.

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