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It all starts with Alice Ackerman (Madeline Brewer)’s obsession with becoming one of the top fifty cam girls on her adult entertainment website.

Going to such extremes as faking her own death, Alice will stop at nothing to up her ranking, even if it means infringing on one of her sacred rules and engaging in a dual show.

What is one to do when the internet life you’ve fostered grows up and talks back to you?

In Daniel Goldhaber’s Cam, a Lynchian nightmare is unleashed onto the heightened, fuchsia-infused world of sex workers, and nothing will be the same.

In a strange twist of events, somehow, a complete duplicate has replaced Alice on her show, and is live streaming in a much more exposed and carefree manner.

Now, Alice has to figure out how to out the imposter, reclaim her account, and end the charade once and for all, before this new and improved “Lola” steals absolutely everything Alice has worked so hard to achieve.

Of course, the main reason why this tumble down the rabbit hole is so enthralling is due to Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale)’s very personal performance, which allows the audience to relate to a circumstance which they may never have even previously considered.

It speaks volumes that Brewer is able to take a polarizing story about a taboo subject and turn it into a significant commentary on society’s addiction to social media and instant gratification, especially given that Brewer has no professional training as an actor and only recently entered the game with her first role in 2013 as Tricia Miller on Orange is the New Black.

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takes the real-life implications of online sex work and douses it with genre familiarities that burn up the screen.We're all competitive to some degree, but to what end?As Alice, posing as "Lola," her stage name, gains further success, she unexpectedly gets closed out of her account.Perhaps most importantly thematically, this is a movie that sheds light on all of us as an internet-obsessed culture, and how social media warps our perception of the world to the extent that we are no longer able to distinguish fantasy from reality.When we create online personas, no matter which type of accounts they may be, we are only showing one side of ourselves, and Alice’s Lola is only an exaggeration of that idea.

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