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And for that matter, your impressions on Thisnotpov's newest suggestion. I believe I can strike wording that adds this point without adding more than 20% more words, thus keeping the middle panel the same size and the over-all profile of the combined image the same.Snow You need to try to avoid viewing this from exclusively your own position: you are clearly endorsing Option 2 (or Option 3, or whatever will work) out of a desire to not see Option 1 adopted.This article is within the scope of Wiki Project Medicine, which recommends that medicine-related articles follow the Manual of Style for medicine-related articles and that biomedical information in any article use high-quality medical sources.

Thisnotnpov (talk) , 17 July 2019 (UTC) As has been noted above, this discussion has exceeded the 1 month threshold and is in fact about to enter into sixth week terrirory, with no further comments in the last two weeks.My "zero sum" conflict here is that I do not think an image of one outcome of the disease is the best use of the lead image spot and, in this case, gives the reader the inaccurate impression that this is what RA looks like for everyone who has it by virtue of its placement as the lead image of the article (which is why I do not object to its use, just its use as the lead image).So of course I would not support an image that includes it for the same reason I don't support the original one.Please stop reversing my edits because you want to catastrophize an illness. There is no rule that says the lead picture must represent all forms of the disease. This has nothing to do with "young wealthy people." This is about showing the most representative image of the disease.For young people, who can afford proper treatment, yes the disease is not as severe any more. Showing the mechanisms of it is obviously much more informative as to what it is and does than a deformed hand.

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