Richard armitage actor dating

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9th Aug: A donation of £406.24 has been made to LOROS.

1st Jun: A donation of £437.10 has been made to LOROS, with condolences to Richard and his family.

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Thank you so much for shopping at Amazon UK and Amazon DE using the links on the home page of this website. Deadline have reported that Richard has been cast in Julie Delpy's new film , also featuring Daniel Brühl, Lior Ashkenazy, Gemma Arterton and child actor Sophia Ally.

5th January Richard has announced his next project on Twitter with a link to his Instagram account.

Here is a link to the Vimeo short film which inspired the film. X., an escaped prototype of an advanced robot, and finds himself in an unlikely friendship.

23rd Feb: A donation of £609.82 has been made to Childline.

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