Russian dating and marriage traditions

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The one of newlyweds who bites off the bigger piece of the cake is going to be the head of the family.But now the parents usually meet the young couple at the entrance to the restaurant where the wedding is celebrated.If you want to present her article of clothing, study carefully her preferences and make sure you are giving her the best item because she has everything she needs in her wardrobe anyway. They are mostly mild-mannered and eager to listen to you.You will rarely meet Russian woman who wouldn’t at least try to understand what is going on before committing to panic attack. It may sound like a paradox, but Russia is not patriarchal country.

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If any of rituals wasn’t abided the marriage was considered as an unsuccessful union.

Nowadays in Russia we have got more European way of getting married, but there are a lot of newlyweds who still follow old traditions, although it has become whimsical, sort of.

In ancient Russia the bride-to-be had to put on the shawl on her head as a symbol of the juvenility, but now she puts on a veil and all her unmarried friends do the same.

Another tradition which is still kept is the Before the wedding a groom is supposed to come to the house where his wife-to-be lives and take her out of there to the registry office.

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