Sara ramirez dating eric dane aka dj zinhle dating

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She also doesn't want to confuse her son and is trying to be very mindful of that. My episode is where they have to go up to San Francisco because I believe that's where the boards are going to happen.

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How on earth do you do it all-acting, directing, rehearsing, and being a wife and a mother? [laughs]If you're in the LA area, purchase tickets for Sunday night by clicking here.

It all comes to a head tonight on the S1 finale of @euphoria HBO. ‘Cause we def aren’t.) Until then, dive even deeper into the series w/our Q&A ft.

[laughs] She's got some hot guys, which is like playing with candy, so let her have some fun! Chandra: I'm like her I think in work ethic, and being a go-getter and setting goals, but I think my people skills are a little bit better than [hers]! Someone runs into a telephone pole and hurts themselves pretty badly.

Glamour: When it comes to directing, do you ever find yourself channeling Bailey when you have to take control? So we're all on that case, and dealing with the Teddy/Owen dynamic also.

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