Scarlet dating

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Clearly, things get a little complicated (OK, a lot complicated) and the movie is unlikely to pursue all aspects of their relationship, but a relationship does seem likely.In Civil War, Vision phases into Scarlet Witch's room to visit, and she lightly chastises him by asking him to use the door.However, the movie makes it pretty clear that there are some feelings between Vision and Scarlet Witch, and shippers of these two will probably come away with some hope of a relationship somewhere down the line.Now if this sounds shocking to you and you're wondering why Wanda Maximoff would be interested in forming a relationship with an android — someone who's not even human — then allow me to go over a little bit of the history of Scarlet Witch and the Vision from the pages of Marvel Comics.They share many similarities together."Another insider added that the pair has "a good time together" and has been seeing each other when they can, casually. Back in June, Colin stayed mum on his fling with Scarlett.Many "Captain America" fans are asking if and hoping that actors Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen are dating.

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Colin had celebrated his birthday just one day earlier.

He seems embarrassed, and it's clear that he wants to spend time with her, even though he's still trying to figure out this whole "human" thing. Later in the film, Vision tries cooking Wanda a meal from her homeland in Sokovia in an attempt to lift her spirits.

He's trying to understand the concept of feelings, and it's clear that he is developing feelings of his own for Wanda — even if he doesn't know it.

The two mostly bond over both of them being outcasts in the group — they're the two most powerful members with the most questions about their abilities — and over each of them deriving their powers from the same source; the Mind Stone.

However, their relationship hits a bump when Vision overreaches his boundaries and refuses to let Wanda leave the Avengers compound under Stark's orders.

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