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The game was reasonably received with a Daily 5th on submission and since then has gone on to have over 5 million views on Newgrounds.As of April 2011 it has a review score of 8.9 out of 10.After briefly discussing their situation, the group leaves towards the gym, where they meet with the rest of the students and Monokuma.Once there, Monokuma makes an identical announcement as he does in the main story, however he declares that he is currently at a loss on what to do since he has forgotten to create "backups" for himself, and therefore cannot truly begin the group's "School Life".The game starts out identically to the beginning of the main story, where Makoto Naegi enters the school and passes out.However, Makoto does not wake up in an empty classroom and instead wakes up at the sealed exit room along with some of the other students.

(I played Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, True Remembrance and One ~To the Radiant Season~.

Wind ~A Breath of Heart~ and Kana, Little Sister aren't working) Anyway, because of these, I realised what a real visual novel is like.

The whole reason I set out on making Ai no Kenkyuu was to create a relatively decent visual novel in flash, since I've never seen one.

The game starts with Pico getting ready to leave for school, until he is interrupted by a voice claiming to be his son from the future. explains that if he doesn't get with Nene, that his existence will cease and, hence, he would be dead.

Pico then leaves for school and meets up with his friend Darnell, and tells him about his morning experience.

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