Sedating child dental work

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I have no idea how to choose or which one is safer etc.My grandson had the sedation at hospital was much easier, then dealing with a screaming kid trying to be sedated. My husband is a general dentist (adults & older children only) and be believes that CMH is the best care for little ones.Because nitrous oxide is so safe and easy to use, we can even use it for simple cleanings if your child is very anxious or has had a negative experience at the dentist’s in the past.However, it is used most commonly for more involved procedures like filling cavities.Your child will not feel overly drowsy, simply relaxed, happy and comfortable.Nitrous oxide is called “laughing gas” because patients often feel a little giddy and get the “giggles”.If your child needs nitrous oxide, we simply fit a small mask over his nose and request that he breathe normally.

He has to have crowns put on, and the dentist suggests either IV-sedation in his office or general anethesia at Children's Mercy.

Our dental office worked with CMH and the dentist did the work on my son while he was out for his other surgery. Make sure you check with your insurance company to find out what they will and will not cover. My insurance covered the general anesthesia because my son is ADHD.

I felt more comfortable having it done at the hospital, just in case there were any adverse effects of the anesthesia. It would have been 3 office visits due to the work he needed done and the places he needed done.

It will not prevent your child from understanding and responding to instructions at all points during the visit.

His arms or legs may feel heavy, but he will have no problem moving.

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