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Between 18, Seth Thomas was one of the major producers of tower clocks, not only in the United States, but also worldwide. It's bell weighed 13,000 pounds..thousand pounds for each of the original 13 colonies. invented the first alarm clock and was awarded a patent for its invention the same year. 1884 - The Seth Thomas Clock Company begins the manufacture of watches. 1897 - The manufacture of metronomes was added to the operations at the Seth Thomas factory and continued until 1984.1874 - The company opened their first London office. was given a contract to make a centennial tower clock for Independence Hall in Philadelphia. 1900 - The production of hall clocks began - long case clocks, glass fronts, pendulums, & brass-cased weights. 1904 - The company began production of tambour clocks. (great grandson of Seth Thomas) took over as president. 1928 - Seth Thomas produced the largest single-faced illuminated dial clock in the world for the Colgate Company building in New Jersey.Today, Seth Thomas's reputation continues to be well earned.Seth's blend of quality and impressive design has made it the industry's marquee for trend-setting style.It held the major market share in parking meter movements and range timers for a number of years.The company produced electric, battery or main spring movements with plastic or bakelite cases.PARTS: If you need parts for a Seth Thomas Clock, try as they have many generic clock parts that might work for you.

1814 - The Seth Thomas Clock Company began producing box clocks taking a cue from the increased sales of these types of clocks by Eli Terry.It is a name recognized and trusted by consumers of all age groups and background.To learn more about the historical accomplishments and development of the Seth Thomas brand, read below: Seth Thomas Mantle Clock Historic Timeline 1785 - Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, CT.1931 - The Western Clock Company and The Seth Thomas Clock Company merged to become divisions of General Time Corporation. Thomas, great-grandson of the original founder of The Seth Thomas Clock Company was the first Chairman of the Board of General Time Corporation until his death in 1932.1932 - The Seth Thomas Division expanded its commercial line with items such as parking meters, range timers, and industrial devices.

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