Setwindowtext mfc updating cdialog controls

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For more information, see IAccessible::acc Hit Test in the Windows SDK.Called by the framework to retrieve the specified object's current screen location.If the pop-up window is not owned, it is centered relative to the screen.To center a window relative to a specific window which is not the owner or parent, the in the Clipboard-viewer chain. Selects (places a check mark next to) or clears (removes a check mark from) a button, or it changes the state of a three-state button.The paint structure contains a RECT data structure that has the smallest rectangle that completely encloses the update region and a flag that specifies whether the background has been erased.

To arrange iconic MDI child windows in an MDI client window, call CMDIFrame Wnd:: MDIIcon Arrange. The pointer may be temporary and should not be stored beyond the scope of End Paint.

After the method is finished, this structure contains the window rectangle that can contain the specified client rectangle.

// Uses Calc Window Rect to determine size for new CFrame Wnd // based on the size of the current view.

Called by the framework to modify the selection or move the keyboard focus of the specified object. This parameter can be either CHILDID_SELF (to select the object itself) or a child ID (to select one of the object's children).

For more information, see IAccessible::acc Select in the Windows SDK.

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