Sex dating in ayer massachusetts

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If this woman is around your significant other get her away as quickly as possible.

She will publicly shame you and make a fool of you and make a mochary of your children and family even though you’ve never met her and have never done anything to deserve such heinous hateful acts against you!

Denise is a white trash slore that works with my husband at Colonial Caddillac In Woburn as a cashier. She knew he was married & that I have been with my husband since highschool.

She’s a dirty sloot who has 4 kids with multiple nanny daddy’s She’s a low life slore who ruined my marriage , my family. She’s an alcoholic sloot who leaves her kids home on the weekends to drink & take guys back to her house with her kids home. This low life and shell of a woman has no shame is trying to steal your man and will go to great lengths to try and tear you’re family apart.

Delusionally she thought he was going to come back to her after i found out and leave me.

Actually he was so relieved to be out from under her vindictive, manipulating, psychotic thumb he was happier, slept better his levels of anxiety were down.

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