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Gary and his father spent long afternoons in the basement, communicating to other ham operators around the world, putting orange thumbtacks on a map for each country they reached.

Kremen marveled at the wonder of the world waiting for him out there, a world he could teach over the airwaves.

When his friend showed him a computer running Microsoft BASIC language — a machine that could be programmed by anyone — he had one thought: The computer wasn’t just a taste of the next frontier, it was a means of empowerment — and a way to compete.

Kremen joined the nascent computer club at high school, working for hours just to calculate pi to the furthest digit, and try to break the world record.

When the group built their own electric motors, Kremen’s was ugly, but functional.

With personal computers not yet on the market, the only way to have such a machine was to cobble one together from a kit.It was the late 1970s in Lincolnwood, Illinois, a working-class suburb an hour northwest of Chicago near Skokie, but Kremen, a chubby teen with a nest of dark hair, wasn’t here for a trim.Just as his grandfather turned his head for his broom, Kremen slid something under his shirt and sprinted out the door.No matter what he did, he felt, it was never good enough for her.His room wasn’t clean enough, his grades weren’t high enough, and, as she reminded him again and again, he wasn’t keeping pace with the other bright Jewish boys in the highly competitive town.

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