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Her nightmare began when a man raped her, she said, while returning home from the market.He threatened to kill her if she told anyone about it.Others became caught in the vicious cycle because of extreme poverty and early, forced marriages."Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Then there is a growing uncertainty about the future," said Sima Samar, a chairperson for the AIHRC.Zakia Baryalti, who is director of the Afghan ministry of women's affairs, said: "We have an army of victims in Afghanistan. In another Kabul shelter, Perveen Jan told the story of how she had survived bombs, only to be trapped in a brothel.But we do not have enough shelters to rehabilitate them." Unspeakable abuse Marzah, a young girl from Logar province, is staying at a shelter in Kabul. The US bombing of 2001 had destroyed countless villages like hers.She would be raped again that month by another man, who made the same threat.In 2011, a woman approached her with a waitress's job in a posh Delhi hotel. The woman got her a passport and visa, and put her on a plane.

Geography is another crucial factor; Afghanistan has six direct neighbours including Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Some examples include: Canada has been outspoken about the importance of respecting the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

As part of this, Canada is working with the Afghan government to support the full implementation and enforcement of the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) law and to improve working conditions for women in the Afghan National Police.

Nobody knows exactly how many Afghan women have been sold into sexual slavery.

Like the drug trade, trafficking takes place in a shadowy world.

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