Sexual chats

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If it’s someone who you don’t know/someone who is possibly a paedophile then again, just calmly explain to him the dangers of this and why this person isn’t trustworthy.Unless you think your son is in genuine danger, don’t probe/question any further.Unless you’re unlucky enough to live in a country where it’s considered a criminal act, his sexuality isn’t your business and you’re very unlikely to change it.If he’s younger than that, don’t get incensed at him like he’s just personally insulted you. As teenagers, we’re naturally pretty horny, and it’s something that’s far harder to control than, say, alcohol or drug consumption.“But I can promise I will do my best to work on that.” Cazanave’s alleged taboo affair is just the latest in a local and national educational epidemic.In New York City, the Special Commissioner of Investigation, Richard Condon, has fielded 995 complaints about “inappropriate relationships” between Department of Education employees and students since April 2009.But the Brooklyn Technical HS teacher’s confession was wracked with mixed emotions because the object of her affection was her student.“I can’t say I’ll ever get past the fear of being discovered,” the married teacher, 33, told the boy.

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