Shinhwa dating scandal Sexchat girl game

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Do he has to stay single for as long as he promote as an idol? If we can have a life as a human, so can our idols. Therefore, the woman will get many backlash compared to the man.

Regardless if the woman is an idol, actress, model or noncelebrity, they will receive more hate from the fans.

These were some of the tweets I read from some of them. How can you called yourself a fan if you cannot support that person. I always wonder why the fans will feel so frustrated and sometimes furious with this dating news.

If he is happy, then aren’t we supposed to be happy for him too? Usually, fangirls of male kpop idol group will freak out more on this type of news.

However, a few days ago I saw a news that Eric is dating model/actress Na Hye Mi.

I was very shocked at first because that news came out of nowhere.

To me, Jun Jin was more like a drama character than anyone else. Everything about him is so smooth and velvety, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just has peach fuzz all over his body. I would stare at this picture and wonder how something so perfect could exist.

He is handsome and successful, funny and charismatic, yet has this sad childhood lingering in his adult life. I could listen to his voice all day, and one day I hope to have his song playing while I look sadly out a window on a rainy day. He may seem effeminate but it’s also kind of funny to watch him boss around Eric and get offended when they tease him. My personal experience aside, Lee Min Woo is also extremely charismatic, a great dancer, a decent singer and rapper, and really handsome (his acting wasn’t awful either).

His name appeared in rumor mills as he dated other celebrities, and there was that time when he was taken advantage of by some woman who released photos of him passed out. I wanted everything in that photo: that hair, the school boy uniform, that motorcycle, the red backpack, and even that band aid on his face.We all know Shinhwa is #1 in so many ways, but how do the members rank against each other? Later on, even you joked about how your rap at the end of the songs are usually overlapped with the chorus.Noona has taken the nearly impossible but very pleasurable task of ranking the numbers, from the sixth to the very first. Since Andy wasn’t the best looking, nor the best rapper, or even the best dancer, but he made a name for himself as the guy with the funny dances (but I think at some point, Hyesung might have outdone him with the crab dance).I imagine girls looking at him and thinking, “I can change him. Eric Eric was actually my least favorite member for many years. One of my favorite songs of all time is the “Doll,” and don’t get me started on the trio that is S. I honestly believe that if he wasn’t so short, he would pretty much rule over the Korean entertainment industry. I remember blushing when his song “Just One Night” came out.I can be the soulmate that heals him.” The good thing is that Jun Jin has been pretty clean the past years, except that weird dating scandal with one of the members from Spica (Everyone was like, “Why? I knew he was handsome, everyone told me he was handsome, but there was just something about his face that rubbed me the the wrong way, and the fact that he was probably the most popular member in Korea made it worse for me. His weird English raps that sort of made sense, but didn’t really? How do you watch this with a straight face (watch from )? Also, shout out to all those fanfics written about him as that tortured bad boy with a gangster past.

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