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MORE: Signs You’re Dating a Commitment-Phobe He hasn’t moved faster than you have wanted to. By sharing what he’s passionate about, he’s sharing a lot about himself. You don’t need to watch what you say and how you behave. Signs He’s Serious About Your Relationship You just know that he wants to be with you. You might be insecure in trusting this, since you may have unresolved wounds from your past.You don’t have to write and rewrite a text a hundred times before pressing send. But overall, you feel safe and secure in the relationship.You don’t get that sick, sinking feeling in the pit or your stomach that he suddenly lost interest and is “ghosting” you.

You come first in his life the majority of the time. If he still wants to go out there and live it up and sow his proverbial wild oats, then he probably won’t want to settle down anytime soon.He doesn’t text back, he is less attentive, and something is just off.He seems like he’s pulling away and you might lose him completely— do you know what to do about it?A man who wants a relationship with you will make it clear that he wants you and only you, he won’t leave things open to interpretation and risk losing you to some other guy.He promised to take you to a party on Friday night after a tiring day at work and he didn’t stand you up. As he becomes more invested, you become more and more important to him.

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