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They could approve of the family their daughter was marrying into.Also, it didn’t harm things that Kamla’s dad had gone to see the film Fiddler on the Roof and had wept with Tevye over fears for the future of his daughters.So, upon arrival at her parents’ home, she announced that she wanted to get married.Her intended was a Western young man whom her parents did not know and who came from a background they had barely even heard of.

Today, when I visit our local Sikh religious center (called in the language a “gur-dwa-ra”) with my wife’s extended family, and sit quietly with the other men in devotion, I am comfortable in the surroundings.

All this seems to be something new to most of the world, but not to the two of us.

When we married in Honolulu some 25 years ago, one of us was brought up in a Jewish home in the Midwestern United States and the other came from the overseas Indian community in the Far East.

Kamla’s parents, who were both raised in a traditional Sikh tradition, saw that my two brothers belonged to a tradition that was similar in many ways to their own.

They observed that the two young men were devoted to each other and their family, and that they were polite, well-educated and full of plans for the future.

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