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After seeing this smiling girl, I couldn’t help but have a natural curiosity about what made her the way she became.I flew to Hoover, Alabama, attended Friday prayers at her mosque, talked to her friends, visited her college campus, and, finally, earned the trust of her father.A place to belong, and a greater purpose — though the one she ultimately found was utterly misguided.Her tweets were an extension of herself, performing what she perceived as the best version of herself, optimizing herself for the unforgiving seductions of social media. In a recent interview, Muthana said that seeing a Twitter friend make it to Syria was what drove her to join ISIS. Soon after her arrival, another young woman tweeted happily that she had finally joined the terror group — and there she met Muthana, her Twitter friend: After identifying Muthana through her tweets in 2015, what solidified my interest in her story was one particular photo of her and her siblings, a #tbt post on her brother’s Instagram account.That account, in the year leading up to her departure, telegraphed a growing fascination and alignment with the brutal terror group’s ideology.

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We were talking on Kik, a messaging service mostly used by dating app users looking to hook up — and jihadis looking to communicate. I will get someone to kill you,” she texted me back.She encouraged horrific attacks that have killed thousands of people around the world — including dozens in the very nation she wants to call home once again.With each new account she created, she messaged me — and in some instances sought me out.Muthana sent her first tweet from ISIS territory shortly after arriving there.In it, she and three other new women ISIS members hold their passports from the US, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

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