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Now scientists are hoping to harness this reverse molecular clock to engineer new drought-resistant crops that will be able to adapt to our future changing climate.

Publishing their findings in this month's , the team from Newcastle University, UK, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, reveal for the first time how the stomata -- or 'breathing' pores -- on the Agave's leaves are kept shut during the day to minimise water loss.

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Metabolic syndrome strikes about a third of the adults in the ...A new company has intertwined the science of chemical engineering and technology to recycle all kinds of useless plastics and tequila agave bagasse similar to wood, but with greater resistance used ...Guy secretly recorded the stories of 3 sex nymphos during therapy.Well-known as the base ingredient for tequila, Agave nectar is now widely marketed as an alternative to sugar.Sequencing thousands of genes and proteins to understand the underlying metabolic processes, the team compared the Agave -- or CAM -- plant with Arabidopsis, a type of cress and a typical C3 plant.

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