Tips for speed dating

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You don't have to dress like a model in order to get her attention; but a little effort from your side won't hurt either.▶ Make sure your hair is neat and shampooed, your nails are trimmed, the beard (if you have one) is trimmed, and you look presentable.▶ Instead of being asked all the questions, try to ask her something unique about herself that not many people know. Women love it when guys listen to what they have to say.▶ Don't be arrogant and don't stare, you know where.

Sometimes, a plain and simple answer can do the trick.▶ Since everyone gets a number, it can be difficult to remember the names of the guy(s) you might be interested in when the whole shebang is over.Women can smell fear, agitation, and every negative thoughts/feelings that come to your head.You should be perceived as a strong, confident guy whom women would love to get to know more.Your head must be filled with hundreds of questions, wondering whether this is the right move or not.And as the name suggests, you don't really get a lot of time to connect with someone on a personal note.▶ The way you present yourself is very essential.

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