Too needy dating

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Tasha Rube is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Missouri.

She received her MSW from the University of Missouri in 2014.

I’m willing to try to accept him as he is (not a big communicator) but perhaps there’s a way to make him understand that I need more. For all I know I’m so caught up in the idea of him that I haven’t even realized that he is being a jerk.

I don’t need to be a priority (he isn’t my priority either, School comes first! -Jennifer Hi Jennifer, I'm so glad you reached out.

I had missed him terribly and decided to unblock him on the date I knew he would be coming back home.

To my surprise he texted me and begged me to do long distance with all the strings attached. We worked out that I would be flying out to visit him whenever I could. But now that I finally could call him a boyfriend, I realized his prior bad communication wasn’t due to me not being his girlfriend, it was simply who he was.

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Although it was clear that we really liked each other we never made it official.It wasn’t a friends with benefits deal but it wasn’t a full relationship either.Despite all my needs not being met, I stuck around because I had fallen in love with him. I wanted to be able to call him my boyfriend, introduce him to family and friends, and feel secure with him.I decided to say goodbye to him and explained that I was walking away because I needed more.I told him that I loved him but that I thought it would be best that we no longer communicate. During this time he had been out of town for about a month traveling.

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