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usually he do that maybe 3 times, but just few minutes ago, he couldnt turn on for 15 minutes. I was really happy with HTC but a i cant tell it right now. buh it has got the general "android battery" ish tho.... However, the body polycarbonate on the arctic silver/white model will develop hairline cracks over time, and the only way to avoid this is to never play heavy games and have a fan blowing on the back of the phone when charging. Seems to only affect the silver/white version, rarely affects the blue version, and almost never affects the black version.Well, this might be late to warn others but here goes. becomes hot on simultaneous use of mobile data...... It was a good phone for me, aside from this problem of hairline cracks. and it has bad material, mine already broken on power and volume button area, although its rarely dropped I had two One mini's, and to me it was the perfect phone in the hand. But having a terrible issues with the battery, it always turn off when it reach 20%, especially when the mobile data is on..

This repeats until no more bids are placed and the auction time counts down to zero where the auction closes and the winner is determined.

Either the measure is wrong, or it turns off way early, either way its shit. Screen was great with the image seeming to float on the glass surface, and was a nice balance point between Samsung's soft looking Amoled panels and Apple's harsh LCD's.

Sometimes I would carry it instead of putting it in my pocket, just because if felt so good to hold.

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