Updating air applications

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If you have just received or are soon getting a brand new 2018 Retina Mac Book Air anytime in the near future, don’t miss out on an important supplemental software update that is available for the machine.Apple has issued the supplemental software update specific to the new Retina Mac Book Air, labeled as “mac OS Mojave 10.14.1 Supplemental Update for Mac Book Air (2018)”, and it’s available immediately.Update: Retina Mac Book Air (2018) users can also choose to download the “mac OS Mojave 10.14.1 Supplemental Update for Mac Book Air (2018)” package directly here from Apple.Adobe AIR (also known as Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a cross-platform runtime system developed by Adobe Systems for building desktop applications and mobile applications, programmed using Adobe Animate, Action Script and optionally Apache Flex.(C for Windows, Java for Android, Objective-C for i OS).AIR is a cross-platform technology and AIR applications can be repackaged with few or no changes for many popular desktop and mobile platforms.Native extensions are plug-in code libraries that contain native code wrapped with an Action Script API, allowing developers to access native features not otherwise usable in AIR, such as Apple Game Center or Google Cloud Messaging.

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Remember, updating system software in Mac OS is done through the ‘Software Update’ control panel within System Preferences, which you can find through the  Apple menu.By downloading, installing or using the Air NZ mobile app you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.i OS: Requires i OS 10.0 or later. Currently available in the following Air New Zealand lounges: Auckland Regional, Auckland Domestic, Auckland International, Wellington, Christchurch and Sydney.Lounge eligibility is required to access Air New Zealand lounges.These frameworks are also compatible with AIR, and provide vital performance improvements to AIR apps published for mobile devices.AIR apps can be augmented in functionality with the usage of AIR Native Extensions (ANEs).

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