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Unfortunately there is no way to check which parameters are passed to freshclam if invoked by clamwin ( like for in the temp-file CLAMWIN? LOG ) and the log-file of the update process only reports a started update, nothing else.Maybe the entry for the freschclamparams is in a wrong section of the I recently updated my version of clamav to the latest 0.95.2 and it seems to be working great.

With the modification of the immediate result looks like this [img] [/img] and there is no attempt to acces the internet by freshclam ( as protocoled by the firewall ).

Additional Info about the file: # URL of server where database updates are to be downloaded from # If this option is given multiple times, each will be tried in # the order given until an update is successfully downloaded Database Mirror database.# Number of times to try each mirror before moving to the next one Max Attempts 3Hello, I have a similar problem with the database-update of clamwin on a win98 machine.

The aditional parameter --no-dns seems to be the solution for the update problem. @alch perhaps You didnt read my whole post or You didnt understand the problem.

Currently it is in the section [Clam AV] as provided by the are right, freshclamparams is not added to the command line but written to the file before calling freshclam.

You can use an undocumented freshclam feature and set: freshclamparams = no-dns yes However this should be used sparingly as it puts additional load on clamav mirrors, see here: https://bugzilla.clamav.net/show_bug.cgi? I changed the value of the freshclamparams entry in the from "--no-dns" to "no-dns yes" and the update works.

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