Updating contact information

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This information includes Predicted Demographics, estimated location, and favorite email client.Removing any of these fields will permanently delete them from any contact profile associated with that email address in any audience in your account.Additionally, some designs may have been modified since this document was written. In Shiftboard, each person has an account, which includes avatar, name, contact information, language preferences, notification preferences, and more.Oracle i Store has a very tight integration with the TCA Architecture or the Customer information that can be managed via the Customer Standard form.Each contact’s information is stored in a profile that can be updated at any time.In this article, you'll learn how to update contact information for an individual profile and help your subscribed contacts update their own information.If you need to unsubscribe, export, archive, or permanently delete a contact, use the Actions drop-down menu at the top of their profile.Click Remove contacts to access the Archive and Permanently delete actions.

Note: Due to the number of areas needed to properly change the address and phone number on your website we recommend emailing your contact information changes to the webmaster support team at [email protected] will find a form to request removal of the alert at Experian's Fraud Center. Simply select "Removing a fraud alert" and follow the instructions on the form. We are happy to change your address regardless of your service level.Site Manager makes it quick and easy to change any contact information for your firm.

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