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The update is expected to bundle in many bug fixes along with additional functions that will enhance the T-Mobile G1.

The Cupcake update will also introduce an on screen virtual keyboard to send email and texts through the phone.

Small test for the Monday As I wrote, I spent the last week training in sales at T-Mobile and got a first impression of the G1.

The most important information, however, was deliberately suppressed, for obvious reasons.

Source: G1 getting ultra-minor firmware update Source: T-Mobile G1 Engineering drawings …

Source: i Mate Unlock Source: supersim.Android-powered T-Mobile G1 Engineering drawings …

Is This The HTC Dream- Android or An Anamorphic Inside Joke Source: Gadget Rewind 2008: T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) Source: Time–The HTC Dream G1 is Six Years Old!

Only the lettering of the pink giant then reminds of its “exclusive” origin.

The Internet did not work from the start, but the G1 offers the user to choose the network operator and then configure APN and Co. After this new knowledge, we will also offer the T-Mobile G1 free, cost .

Update: Here in the shop to find, however, at the new price of 399.90 euros. Normally I would have expected the T-Mobile to milk the cow exclusively as long as it goes.

But do not worry, we are about to provide information.

Of course, this new twist is also mentioned in the upcoming Cyber Bloc-TV-contribution, which we will film tomorrow.

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