Updating wow in linux

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Simply put disc 1 in the CD or DVD drive, and do the following (replace /media/cdrom0 with wherever you mount your cds): Some dialogs during installation may appear blank or garbled, and the installer may even hang for up to 5 minutes at 100% CPU, while appearing to be doing nothing. Note: If the text is too small, and it annoys you: Please install the Microsoft core fonts per instruction of your distribution.If everything works like it should, then the installation will run for a while and then ask for disc 2, you change CDs and it should continue until it asks for the next one and so forth, if it doesn't work, however, you will continue to receive the "Please insert Disc 2" Warning repeatedly.All European Wo W clients in all languages: Use the path and name of the file as downloaded from Blizzard, if it's not the same as the above.

If you don't have an external router, you shouldn't have any issues, but check your distribution's documentation if you do need to reconfigure your local firewall.Older versions of this installer will do the install directly, but when the new Launcher goes live, this will only install the Launcher.If you install the Launcher, run it (using the instructions below, if needed), and select "World of Warcraft" in the game list.Open-source drivers will nearly always be installed and working without any special configuration.This guide will only cover the Wine compatibility layer.

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