Validating cluster resource analysis services

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The Cluster Validation Wizard, also known as Validate, is used to perform a variety of tests to ensure that cluster components are accurately configured and supported in a clustered environment.The Validate tool includes various tests such as listing the system configuration, or performing network and storage tests.Fortunately, the Cluster Validation Wizard can be used to systematically test the storage subsystem to isolate any failing components.A Validation Report is generated which documents the tests and their results, along with hyperlinks to detailed troubleshooting information such as failing disks and server names.The tool is installed when the Failover Cluster “feature” is installed via the Server Manager.To invoke the Wizard, use the snap-in to select “Validate a Configuration…” in the center pane under Management.Once the Wizard completes, a Validation Report is generated in an HTML format that can be viewed with your favorite browser.

The Cluster Validation Wizard is part of the Failover Cluster Management MMC snap-in.

This article describes how to use the Cluster Validation Wizard to troubleshoot storage related problems.

It explores the different storage tests that can be performed and how to troubleshoot any failures.

The following example illustrates a Validation Report and the various storage tests that were performed.

If you find any failed tests, you should be able to determine the problem by examining the detailed information associated with the test.

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