Validating filenames with regularexpressionvalidator

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Microsoft is providing this information as a convenience to you. GIF)$" I got this to work it was the regular expression code in the validator that cause the error message to display after the image file was successfully uploaded this is the new code for anyone that might have the same problem in the future Error Message="Please specify an image with a jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif or png file format." Set Focus On Error="True" Validation Expression="^.

It is obvious the Regular Expression Validtor caused the problem.If a browser is capable of supporting Java Script, client-side validation scripts are automatically sent to the browser.If a browser is incapable of supporting Java Script, the validation routines are automatically implemented in server-side code.The problem, however, is that it does not work with all browsers.Not all browsers support Java Script, and different versions of browsers support different versions of Java Script, so client-side validation is never guaranteed to work.

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