Vh1 celebrity dating shows

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The first season on VH1 featured Flavor Flav, who was later given a pair of romantic spinoffs, -type dating game in which women competed for Flav’s affection.

Then suddenly, the internet allowed us to double back and reevaluate the pop culture that had come before.

listicle and painstaking oral history invites us to do the same nostalgic exercises.

Eventually VH1 producers figured out you didn’t need the wisdom imparted by years of thoughtful reflection to make fun of celebrities. It was snark about pop culture minutiae unfolding almost in real time.

The show melded superimposed annotations on the most popular music videos of the day with trivia and deadpan humor.

And it had a healthy dose of nostalgia as well, with each episode featuring a video from the primordial era of music television.

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