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That difference in language extends to victims too."We say victims of male grooming are damaged, but reverse it and there is still this idea that if a female teacher seduces a pupil they 'got lucky.' It allows us to think about them in a very different way." “We also find it frightening because we like to live with the idea that men are dangerous and women are safe, so when you see children talking to a male stranger in the park it’s dangerous but if they’re talking to a woman it isn’t."Steve Lowe, director of Phoenix Forensic Consulting, an organisation which treats and assesses child sex abusers, believes we are "more prepared as a society to accept that women can be sexual predators"."I think in the past teenage boys have not necessarily been able to see what is happening as abuse but societal changes have meant other people have started to recognise these dynamics for what they are and are raising the alarm.La Junta, which also has a population a little over 7,000, but where the median household income is ,437 and 27% of residents live in poverty, has 33 registered sex offenders.Angela Garcia, a member of the neighborhood group Globeville First in Denver, isn’t so sure those consequences are unintended.

The combined population of the two neighborhoods is 9,810.

But throughout the country, they have largely sequestered sex offenders in low-income neighborhoods.

A growing body of research shows they offer little protection and may even contribute to sex offenders committing additional crimes. A single motel on Colfax is listed as the address of 22 sex offenders.

If you translate that into the number of female perpetrators, it means the number out there are far bigger than the headlines.

"So the reality is that we don’t really know the actual prevalence." "We get very uncomfortable with the idea of female offenders in general, never mind sexual offenders as they are going against a deep-seated notion of what it means to be feminine, to be a mother, a nurturing figure and all those societal norms and stereotypes," he says.

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